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At World Soccer Football Federation, we as a result of our resolve and endeavours, will be writing articles on every area of the game of football, as we look to open the eyes of those, who clearly have their eyes closed as to the ills of the game. It is our intention to highlight these areas of abuse and misconceptions, whilst raising the profile of the problems mainly at the grass-roots aspect of the game, and raising funds in the meantime'.

Our watch word, is 'we say what we mean, and mean what we say', and we have already stated in Club Football magazine that we have been ubiquitous throughout our efforts and endeavours, and we believe we shall enlighten you in our interpretations of the game we all love which we call football.

We believe you will be pleasantly surprised at some of the simple concepts that will draw your attention to what you have accepted to be stereotype aspects of the game, but be rest assured, you will be enlightened.

The following articles are currently being published in Club Football magazine Issue 7, due out mid April, 2013.

Ebbsfleet set for Europe?

With the manifestation of english football becoming a more continental style of football played, what a wonderful opportunity for Ebbsfleet F.C. to consider a participation of a junior or 2nd team in a French League, so as to be able to compete in a foreign competition that has a completely different style on how to play the beautiful game from that currently played in the lower levels of our english game.

The craft and creativity of the French style of the game, would allow the English players to learn the european style of the game over a more sustained period of a league season, before Ebbsfleet being able to integrate that style into their main team ethos in such leagues as the Blue Square Premier or B.S. South.

With Ebbsfleet itself, being a main departure/terminal point for the Eurostar transportation route to europe, there is a potential immediate advantage point of travel for the Club to link Ebbsflleet to Paris, as a for instance, and compete in this region or locality of a competitive league, and with the possibility of considering a sponsorship deal with Eurostar and/or concessions for travel, what a brilliant opportunity for Anglo/French relationships for the Club to expand its opportunity to play a competitive and contrasting style of football in another country, whilst learning the essence of a new style of play.

It would seem that Eurostar transportation system would be ideal, even for the main team, as a 40 minute trip to France, and the time aspect to reach Paris, as a for instance, maybe a better option than a coach trip to the West Country or up North, which is no doubt a very time consuming exercise.

If Ebbsfleet F.C. are not up for it, surely, there are enough Clubs in the south eastern region of Kent, also close to the Eurostar terminals, that such a club as Dover, maybe, Folkestone may consider such a venture, with the potentail twist of an English/French league, in due course.

Gradually, the 'Exparanto' of the modern game will see the transition of english football to play soccer and its continential style, this based on the ever increasing foreign players coming into the top flight of English football.

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