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Fundamental Principles
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The Federation is a non-profit making organisation whose intention is to expand the mind and educate in areas of the game that seems to have been lost in the teaching of the young kids playing the game to-day, especially at the grass-roots level of football and much more!


The aims of the Federation is also to raise funds via its commercial interests to distribute via meaningful purposes to help, assist and educate in areas of importance, especially at the grass-roots level of sports in general, but in particular football, as this is where a greater significance is required to stop the abuse of kids and the vulnerable in society.

We shall be working in areas of coaching, mentoring, consultancy, and other technical related matters. Promoting of a sports injury awareness/sports tolerance programme and campaign. Raising funds for the Osgood Schlatters Appeal via our 'October Fest'

Releasing a complete fixture list showing the complete strategy for the ultimate European Super League, to incorporate the Champions League format, down to the domestic leagues of the (53) now 54 Federations of U.E.F.A. (to protect the respective associations), and their respective major cup competitions (this based on the Premier League time frame).

This will also include the Blue Square competition and lower levels of non-league football.

The World Soccer-Football Federation has been set up in a particular way to allow other individuals and organisations to be actively involved, so long as they fulfill the criteria of our 'Fundamental Principals' and 'Aims'.
Our purpose is to raise funds, and we have set an initial target of £10 million pounds, which is easily achievable via our time-frame.

The above is to assist the coaching fraternity to set up regional areas around the country with an infra-structure to enhance the technical abilities of the young, something that has recently been missed by the Football Association, having not administered many of the proposals suggested under the mandate given to the National Development Officer - Nick Levett for the grass-roots level of the game.
We in the U.K. still play football, whilst the rest of the world play soccer.

There is a distinct difference, as the foreign players within the Premiership have technical abilities that are admired, as against home grown players seem to have difficulty in the retaining of posession of the ball.

Our instigation is the 'October Fest', leading to its conclusion at the kind invitation to attend the Soccerex event in Manchester next March, 2013. Whilst raising funds for W.S.F.F. all Clubs will be able to raise funds for themselves, which is a 'win, win' scenario.

'How many people realise that a team can be crowned the Champions of Europe from the last 32 stage of the Champions League competition, yet, may never have won a game of football in open play of 90/120 minutes. With no disrepect to the C.L. it is a cup competition, where you may have only played 6 teams from the last 32 format, and become europes elite team of the season'.

The initial E.S.L. format is likely to consist of 8 of the main footballing nations of europe. If this is the case, we anticipate the sort of questions that shall be raised, such as, how many teams will constitute the league, and will there be a promotion and relegation arrangement, and if so, how will this be conducted, and are there potential play-off scenario's.

How will the other countries not involved be affected, and what response will their respective Federations reach.

Will the current sponsors of the C.L. be affected, or will the E.S.L. attract other major sponsors, and continue to attract T.V. media with such global companies such as Sky etc. When will these fixtures take place and will this affect the C.L. format.

We will give to you all the relevant answers to these questions and more, as we prepare for our appearance at Soccerex next March, 2013. An entry form in to the game for the football fraternity will be released shortly and full details of how to play the game will also be available, that will show the complete restructure of european football. Our aim is to raise fund for grass-roots football, but at the same time spark a real interest to stimulate even further the developement of the beautiful game we call football.

The Chronicles of N.H.B.C. and the K.G.V. will also be an eye opener, and the Football Association should take note regarding the recent lost opportunity to change the perspective of grass-roots football in this country. The recent publication of the 'I am the Secret Football' is a very interesting read, but there are areas of conjecture for conflicting though patterns throughout this book, the tacticks chapter certainly highlights another area of senior management and their conduct that stiffles the development of our young at grass-roots level.

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