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The old site is still very much relevant to the content to-day, as it was at the time of the web-site construction, as the problems associated with grass-roots football and the industry of the 'ill's' of the game of football in general.

World Soccer-Football Federation shall be building on the business concepts of the past and expand on its orginal work ethics associated with the Analogy of Football initial work, as detailed within this web site.

The above heading 'Rangers to move South?' is a subject matter we commented on under the heading of 'Why Celtic and Rangers must leave Scottish football' which you can find within the Analogy of Football' web-site, and the 'E.C.A. flex its muscles' has a brief out-line within the article on 'The October Festival 2013' page and use the 'Click here to view the European Super League Structure', narrative section to ascertain this information, and this will be further expanded upon very shortly via blogs, etc. The 'Ebbsfleet set for Europe' has already been detailed on The Spectrum page of World Soccer Football Federation.

World Soccer Football Federation has started work on setting up its own Soccer Coaching Channel and will be creating its own league at grass-roots level within the frame work of the F. A. rules and regulations, whilst liasing with the Surrey. F.A., but the rules will be defined according to our criteria, as the 'win.win. mentality will be taken away, as our coaches will be concentrating on the teaching of technique and player development, whilst also involving a playing mode. Our concentration is on the players and not on a managers desire to collect trophies. This will be at a local level, initially, based on an already tried and tested mode we have previously utilise in our capacity in a Coaching enviroment.

At Soccerex last April, 2013, having spoke to a P.F.A. representative, and having set out what we are about, we were invited to send in a proposal to the P.F.A. and were assured that as we are a non-profit making organisation, intent on assisting the grass-roots area of the national game, we were advised that Gordon Taylor views these projects favourably, and having met Mr. Taylor at the Birkbeck College, at the London University, we were suitable impressed with his knowledge and attitude to the game, and his intentions to improve the coaching of the skills within the English game.

It is hoped that you enjoy the site and support our intentions
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